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French start Exotec Gardman Sachs has raised $ 335 million in a series of funding for a new round of funding led by the Goldman Sachs Growth Equity Business. Following today’s investment, the company is worth $ 2 billion.

Exotec sells end-to-end solutions to transform a standard warehouse into a semi-automated logistics platform. It is a hardware and software solution that replaces some human functions.

83 North and Dell Technology Capital participated in the financial cycle. Former Exotec investors include Bpifrance, Iris Capital, 360 Capital Partners and Breega. Some have re-invested, such as Brega, BipFrans Large Venture Fund and Iris Capital.

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The key component of the Exotec system is called Skypods. These low-profile robots roam the floor independently. When you are next to the right shelf, you can go up to the shelf to pick up the container and then go down to the right trash. This is especially important to increase storage capacity as you can store the product a few meters above the ground.

Skype takes the garbage to a collection station so that human operators can pick up the right product in the trash. The robot can then return to the shelf and place the trash on the shelf.

In that case, people no longer have to wander around the warehouse. You can focus on picking up, packing, and making sure the products are in and out of the warehouse. Exotec tries to be as flexible as possible when it comes to adding new products, new shelves and new Skypods.

If you want to add new ladders, you can expand your infrastructure without having to start all over again. Similarly, Exotec lets you add more Skypods to the system. And when it comes to product delivery, Exotec relies on Skypods to store products in the supplement center.

From Skypods to Skypeckers

With standard bin systems, Exotec can store multiple products in one bin. There may be 18 products in that bin but customers want one, two or three products in that bin – they probably don’t want the whole bin. That’s why Exotec can’t easily order small containers in the big box.

The beginner has created new robots to eliminate the need for one more command. Excel Tech customers can now use Skypecker to download items directly from the inventory and place them in a shipyard.

It looks like this:

“After the most significant supply chain disruptions in modern times, there is only room for innovation,” said Roman Mullin, founder and CEO. While the entire logistics sector is fraught with uncertainties, one of the most widespread challenges is the persistent shortage of manpower. Exotec Pioneers New Way Tick will provide better collaboration between humans and robotics and warehouse productivity in a sustainable and more sustainable way.

Exotec has always made the product a service that cannot be completely replaced by people. Exotic warehouses are run by a combination of humans and robots. But with Skypekers, the startup is putting itself in a tight job market with logistics benefits.

Following today’s funding, the startup plans to hire 500 engineers by 2025 and continue its efforts in North America. He has recently signed eight major clients in the region, including Gap and Geodis. Decathlon is using Exotec in the Montreal Filling Center.

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