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Welcome to the weekend! We did it. I think, considering how tired everyone is on the phone and on Twitter. But we win the working days backwards, which means we lean back and have fun for a minute. Yes, we are talking about crypto today. Rejoice!

The future of crypto currency is expensive.

I was very impressed Coinbase Capital Investment Speed To other companies in the big blockchain market. It is a smart move because the American public company can distribute relatively small sums (overlapping near the source of revenue) and acquire ownership and information access at the start. Coinbase has a clear responsibility – and, to a certain extent – in the crypto market, its investments are significant.

But there is investment, and there is. Invest. And the newly announced FTX fund seems to be more aggressive than Coinbase managed, although it has faster transaction efficiency.

The FTX fund crypto is a total of $ 2 billion. And in interviews, Can be paid. Just this year. That is the speed of wild investment, perhaps one to remember. a16z How fast the latest $ 2.2 billion Crypto Fund has been used.

A few questions:

  1. Why does the crypto market need so much money in terms of user base compared to the big internet?
  2. Why are we using so much fiat to finance crypto?

These are interrelated questions. They summarize my simple confusion about why it is difficult to build something useful in the crypto market. Coinbase and FTX are on the edge of the crypto world, shutting money back and forth from the traditional economy and what the future holds. They are smart to invest, but I am somewhat confused by the amount of money they are allowed to invest, with traditional venture capitalists working on the blockchain startup – what is all this spending on?

The two major blockchains are established and are not new (Ethereum Intended in 2013 and launched in 2015. Bitcoin white paper released in. 2008); There are stablecoins and they have a good, stable number of players; And the capital collection has gone to the NFT marketplaces and a few crypto games. Some have built modest player bases. But we are paying a little more attention to the amount of money that is being spent in space compared to what we are seeing.

Institutional investor reported Last year, it invested a total of $ 32.8 billion in crypto and blockchain technology businesses. Maybe a lot of things built on that money are going to come out soon, but now, ten years after Bitcoin, “Hello, World,” I still don’t use any blockchain apps or services. To this day. Unless I do it for the sake of research with a part of the Crypto World.

And I spend more time online than I would like to receive! Perhaps the new FTX fund will bring the wholesale blockchain product to market, which is not another vehicle to speculate. I guess we’ll see.


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