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Hello and welcome Fairness, A blog about beginners’ business, where we solve the numbers and differences behind the headlines.

This is our Friday episode, a series of news headlines, startup funding rounds and more on the startup and technology worlds. Fortunately, this week, we haven’t talked about NFTs, and I don’t think we even talked about “Token” once.

Instead, Mary Ann and Natasha and Alex returned to the basics of justice. Here we go:

  • We began to watch the latest round of Fertilizers. Fertilis is an Australian startup working to make the IVF process safer. We are a big fan of the concept, although the beginner will have a lot of work to do before moving the needle for couples hoping to conceive.
  • Mary Ann brings together two very fair titles: Funttech and SAS, but more importantly, Fintech, which only wants to serve SaaS beginners. Although we tried to explain Ark’s relationship with the beginnings of his career, Alex became a friend of the financial world.
  • If you talk about Fintech, Breaks has made headlines with new additions and new executives – thanks to Meta.
  • We will continue to return to the hiring process, and that is a good reason. Professional Karma (News Here) and SeekOut (News Here) have two different strategies for hiring employees in companies – and we all agree that retention and placement, technology hiring is the future.
  • Thanks to Y Combinator News and Venture Response, we ended the discussion with the creators. In addition, the fact that the New Angelist and Dorm Division Fund remains in place strategically reminds us that early-stage projects are a way to win deals.

Embrace all of you to survive the beginning of the working year during covide surgery. We can do this! We’re going to pass as a big team, okay?

Fairness will be available on PST, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 pm PST every Monday morning, so subscribe to us Apple podcasts, Exaggerated, Spotify And all the actors.

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