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Tado, The start of the German smart home focused on the thermostat and in near Moved to flexible “use time” energy tariffs based on loadshipping technology, it is now announcing the next step in its life as a business. It is being made public by the SPAC agreement.

GFJ ESG Acquisition, part of the German SPAC, which specializes in sustainable technologies, lists the new company in the Frankfurt exchange, in conjunction with Tado. GFJ and Tado are currently working on PIPE marketing, which is expected to cost ዶ 450 million ($ 514 million today). The new business will continue to thrive as a whole.

Tado’s spokesman said he did not say how much he planned to collect on the list, except in the first half of 2022.

The move comes quickly to Tado’s two major developments. Last week, tado AWATtar got it ” Energy source (may include renewable sources such as sun and wind as well as many traditional channels).

It was also revived in May $ 46 million. At the time, the company said this would be the last round before the details, and this is what it is playing for now. Overall, the company has raised a staggering $ 159 million, including an impressive list of investors, including Amazon, Siemens and Telefonica. Estimates in those private rounds were much lower than the market value of ሚሊዮን 450 million, which was around $ 255 million. PitchBook Data.

The deal is well-known because it will be one of the first major green technology launches in Europe. Tado’s main goal is to build services that help control energy consumption, both internally and externally, starting with the power grid and with users in their homes. That business has done two different rows so far. It started out as a smart thermostat manufacturer, and now sells over 2 million devices. Tado then split into energy tariffs, managing its usage and moving the company to a larger business based on big data, using forecasting analysis and a wide range of renewable energy and energy hardware markets.

The company says it has sold more than 2 million smart thermostats today, and the energy management technology connects more than 400,000 buildings and households in 20 countries with more than 7 gigabytes of power. It works with about 18,000 systems from 900 original manufacturers and customers who use load-balancing technology save an average of 22% a year on heating costs.

As climate change concerns become more acute and services are more readily available and affordable to consumers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a new window of opportunity opens up for green technology and clean technology companies. The list goes on and on.

“The entire Tado team is very proud to be working with the GFJ,” said Tony Button, Tado’s chief executive. We share the same beliefs and the same love for environmental technologies. And we are committed to helping our customers save money and reduce their environmental impact. Together, we are in a position to create a more sustainable energy future.

At the end of the deal, Button met with Oliver Caltner List the current role. As the Office Recommendation Unit) as CEO, Christian Delman as CPO and John Schwartz as CTO. Emmanuel Ibach remains CFO. Gisbert Rühl will chair the Board of Directors. Joseph Brunner, Peter Mikovek, Ton Button and Maximilian Meyer join the governing body.

“Both GFJ and Tado are committed to tackling global warming. Tado is a market leader in a new wave of green technology companies,” added GFJ CEO Gisbert Rule. 21% of the energy consumption in the EU will only be used to heat and cool private homes.The EU and Germany have no choice but to eliminate the housing sector by carbon by 2050. .

tado, as a public business, is gaining a new level of transparency in the market, which will be good for the overall green technology industry. The company now predicts more than ሚሊዮን 500 million in annual revenue by 2025.

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