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Ms. Gehenna was on her way to hell. After raising $ 11.5 million from Fundry and Venrock, and jamming the private robot, the company faced a series of tests. Today, the Swedish social robotics company Furhat Robotics The Swedish company is offering a safe haven for the struggling beginner on what it says is a comprehensive cash deal. Furhat spoke strongly about the financial details of the deal, but told Tech Crunch that the purchase was designed to provide Furhat with hardware, allowing it to use social robotics software in new platforms.

Of Eagerly named Fourth of the company’s senior staff is looking for a way to integrate the two technologies, with Frhat Robotics Miss Robotics plans to lay the foundation for its work in Colorado.

“We are looking forward to the senior team; we are joining the operations, engineering, business development and software developers of Furhat Robotics, CEO and Founder of Furhat Robotics.” Misty has done a great job of building its products. A well-known partner In China “

He said the companies are working on a “unified vision” and that Futhat Robotics will support the Wife Robotics brand, develop and expand its product range, and enhance future social robots by integrating the features of Fear and Mist.

“There are very few purchases in the world of social robotics. This may be the first time in history that this is, in fact, the first step in the industry,” said Al-Mubayid. The most unique thing about a robot is that it may look like a doll, but it is also very popular, very approachable. And yet, it is far superior. The success of Miss Robotics has put some of the world’s most advanced technologies into the most popular robots.

The Furhat team suggests that its own product – a front-built robot – is ideal for social robots who need adult personalities such as airports, train stations or medical applications. What Misty adds to the mix is ​​very easy to copy and can be more expressive with her little hands and face. However, the Furhat team suggests that although the two robots may be very different, they have a lot in common.

“For us, Missy is the missing piece. It helps us find a big market that focuses on education, for example Al Mubaid explains how the purchase came about. “The technologies are very similar, but Misty is big on the hardware front, and we are very strong on the software.”

“Furhat Robotics is a true pioneer in the field,” commented Ian Burnstein, founder and CEO of Misty Robotics. “We are joining forces to bring robotic applications to the forefront and our team of experts will soon be able to see some of the most amazing real-life applications of this amazing technology. it is.

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