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[ journalist Fahdi Fahlvi

Digital, Jakarta – Rajev Menon, President of Marriott International Asia Pacific, expressed his gratitude for surviving the CVD-19 crisis.

Despite his acceptance, the CD-19 epidemic did not stop.

“Even though the epidemic continues this year, it shows a lot that we can be proud of and admire,” Rajev said in a statement Monday (10/1/2022).

Marriott Bonvoi says he is happy to still have confidence in various travel agencies.

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“When borders are opened and closed, we thank our owners, partners and guests for their continued trust and confidence,” Rajeyev said.

A.D. In 2021, Marriott Bonvoi launched the # T TravelMakesUsThankful campaign as a kind of thanksgiving that encourages everyone to enjoy in a big and beautiful way.

The campaign invites tourists, guests, colleagues and networks to express their gratitude on social media and dance, especially accompanied by a dance animation with the help of Instagram.

“This campaign is a testament to the resilience of our hotel partners in these difficult times.

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Meanwhile, the “Travel Force” campaign launched earlier this year reminds us of the power of change.

“People from all over the world are invited to join in the discussion. You are invited to share your memories of the journey that made them feel the need for renewal, ”said Julie Ezerzer, Vice President of Marketing, Loyalty and Partnership. Pacific., Marriott International

Julie added, “We will continue on our journey with missed stories, but we are grateful for many unforgettable memories.

Steps to follow this campaign ‘Walk in us’ by setting up Instagram history, browsing effects and filters on the device.

Then follow the dance partner and record a dance of thanksgiving. And upload it as a video post to Instagram or Facebook.

Add a thank you note this year and the hashtags TravelMakesUsThankful and Marriottbonvoi.


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