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“Fundraising is extremely challenging for female founders, and difficult for black female founders.”

This is a bold, even derogatory statement – in my recent discussion about what might happen to women who are just starting out in 2022.

As one of the few black women executives in the field of developer tools, I am often asked to comment on larger and more social issues focused on technology. There is much to be done, but I understand the importance of raising these issues for all of us, and when I can make my voice heard. Still, I want to be able to give important answers, but I still have many questions.

Technology Innovation

In the world of technology, we aspire to be part of the next generation of digital products that will benefit from the initial stage and shape the industry. This is especially important when it comes to looking for capital. And we have seen some dramatic changes in the area of ​​developer tools, with VC-funded funding following this, sometimes we are at risk of joining the technological advancement for the social development we really want. Women are still behind. how is?

To name just a few, there are some great female developers such as Jelly Nora Jones, Windows Sniper of Trash Technology, Edith Harrow of Darkly and Jean Young. There are also some amazing female angels and VCs. These are the women I see as leaders in the industry – overcoming obstacles to their identity or financial support.

Limited partners should support more female VCs, and funds should give men the same grace and latitude as men. Shania Levine

Although we try to make a name for ourselves in Dave Devices, the reality is that Dave Devices space is dominated by white people. Growing up easily for those who do not meet those gender and racial standards requires more attention than detail, effort and time.

We must recognize the existing paths that women must strive to develop and set the stage. We must ask some difficult questions.

The struggle to be taken seriously

We want to be able to raise money from other people like us, right? But many women investors are trying to take it seriously, as the founders are trying to do. If we all face the same social problems – the struggle for legitimacy – we expect the same hatred.

This creates a vicious cycle where female investors, especially female founders, take less risks and raise less money than their male counterparts. How can we stop this cycle?

Limited partners should support more female VCs, and funds should give men the same grace and latitude as men. Female VCs should be promoted to partnerships so that they can write meaningful checks quickly.

I have personally witnessed the amazing results of female angels and VCs empowered to connect with others to support female founders. Feelings of community and sisterhood have the potential to change the industry. This is what we want to scale up and measure.

The struggle to overcome entrenched psychological barriers

Today, it is widely believed that women are less aggressive in the process of being elected as founders and VCs. As a woman founder, I was told that male partners could make big bucks faster – women seemed to be more vulnerable, often slowing down and asking less.

So what’s the point of standing up for women? Probably the most obvious answer. We have less contact with the VC community, where the “VC rules” – what to do, say and how to act – are often confusing and unknown. There is no such thing as clear code writing.

The struggle with numbers

Suppose you have 1,000 potential investors and only 10% are focused on companies that offer technologies like yours. Then 2% invest in companies at your level and 5% share your same philosophies – and you can only get another percentage of these. Now, imagine that you are entering into those conversations, realizing that we are the ones who are finally shouting at people, so you often have to “click” in a very short interaction.

You will be committed to this investor for the next decade or so. So, while you are trying to figure out the numbers – the opportunities available to you – you are also trying to know the history, personality and attitudes of the VC. How have you been burned before? We can understand their past businesses and assure them that our business is a worthwhile investment … all in 30 minutes or less?

So, how can women successfully fight for financial support?

The simple answer is: We cannot do it alone. Like most professional endeavors, seeking financial support is supported by social media. While I want to say that in the world of venture capital, women have everything they need internally, I believe we need partners and support beyond just basic relationships and gender and race.

We want everyone involved in the game to join the fight, focusing on the challenges faced by colorful women. We need to give women entrepreneurs and investors the training and guidance they need to be aware of the risks involved in working and to provide financial support so that they can practice, prepare and communicate on behalf of a stronger company.

Simply put, we need to rely on women’s ability on both sides of the aisle.

And so, my final question to founders and investors everywhere is do you agree to join our struggle?

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