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Hello and welcome to January 14, 2022 Daily Crunch! I think this is Ward Week as everyone and their dog are posting their results and results on Twitter. I’m also dirty for a little friendship that you didn’t do well in the game. And since I still get paid to write, “Good at Wordle” instead of “Good in words!” I refused to connect. – Alex

PS Speaking of words, the Justice Team has had a great time this week, if you would like a drop in discussion at recent launch events.

TechCrunch Top 3

  • Bolt raises $ 355 million for post-war bolt This bolt) A huge new round of capital worth $ 11 billion. Bolt offers online testing solutions for other companies. Fast and, which raised $ 1 billion for $ 40 billion, competes in a variety of ways. You may argue that there are differences between players in online payments and checkout, but overlapping seems to be a growing issue among competitors. (We said a year ago that the online check market was a war; the war continued.)
  • Major technology companies are hunting for answers as major technology companies continue their investigation into the January 6 uprising in Congress. YouTube, Facebook and Instagram (Meta), Reddit and Twitter seem to be on fire.
  • Not all that shines is a legitimate transaction. Place. Not all transactions we have recently learned may be visible at first.

Start / VC

  • Destiny raises $ 15 million to help e-commerce e-commerce. Experiences based on insights from historical performance, ”wrote TechCrunch. The company’s new funding round was a series led by VMG Catalyst.
  • Commercial EVs for Amazon Marketplace Amazon is working with several companies on the global delivery network EVs, one of which is Evaj. Indian company raises $ 28 million for electric van All I know is that it is coming – if you are the kind of person you would like to see.
  • Cannabis job market startups are growing. The health care market, for example, has few. And now the cannabis industry, too, thanks to Vans, who raised $ 19 million in series B.

Fintech and Innovation Innovation is set to launch regulatory tails in Brazil.

Nubank’s current headquarters is in São Paulo, Brazil. Image courtesy of White Nelson ALMEIDA / AFP by Getty Images

Regulation is eliminated as a barrier to innovation in most developing countries.

But Brazil’s central bank is being hailed by investors and Fintech as a “windmill” to bring banking jobs to the masses.

Costanoa Ventures Amy Chatem told Tech Crunch:

In an in-depth market analysis, Anna Haim explores how Brazil is ready to take advantage of Fentek’s growth and insurance following its open banking operations.

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Big Tech Inc.

Today we have Big Tech news on transit, and then, what else, some European legal news related to major US technology companies!

  • Self-driving taxis work to integrate into China’s fast-moving line. As she writes, it seems that every week in the country, there is news that another major player is getting a green light to start a new test program or small service. What do individual news events include? find out!
  • And when it comes to self-driving cars, trucking companies are turning their pilots into a long-term program. There is a shortage of truck drivers in the US, which means trucks can be a big deal in the country.
  • Here is a review of a car that no one else can buy in Tech Cruises. I also agree with the standard Bentley Continental. Encouraging one of our enterprise transport editors, Christine Korossek, is a source of jealousy. On the real front, if you cover more than a quarter of a million dollars and need 12 cylinders, this might be for you.
  • Meta faces UK litigation lawsuit’s lawsuit against the UK’s Court of Appeals in London seeks to prevent the US giant social networking site from using the $ 3.1 billion social network in the UK. It goes everywhere.

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