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Netflix has increased the cost of registration services in the United States and Canada. All new subscribers will see the new prices from today, and existing customers will receive an email notification 30 days before the increase takes effect.

It was the walks. Originally reported by Reuters.According to Netflix, “because we are updating our prices, we will continue to offer a variety of quality entertainment options.

The new values ​​are as follows:

  • Basic (1 stream, 480p): $ 8.99 → $ 9.99
  • Standard (2 Streams, 1080p): $ 13.99 → $ 15.49
  • Premium (4 Streams, 4K): $ 17.99 → $ 19.99

In Canada, the new prices are $ 16.49 for the standard and $ 20.99 for the premium, with Basez unchanged at $ 9.99.

The last increase was in 2020 (standard was $ 13 to $ 14) and before that 2019 ($ 11 to $ 13). One would think that they waited until January so that no one could say they had increased the price for three consecutive years.

The epidemic has seen a historic increase in demand for TV and movies, and while Hollywood is still trying to solve the problem, Netflix has doubled its winning formula and charged its customers.

While no one likes to lose money on a monthly basis, it is difficult to ignore the growing demand for international products that seem to have no end in sight. The occurrence of the squid game is one of the deepest pockets of Netflix without the fact that it may not have been made (in fact, the Creator bought it for years without success).

Expect an email to report the changes soon – you have the opportunity to change or delete them, but who among us has the strength to do so? Use the increase as proof to see 10% more shows.

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