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Of many entrepreneurial speeches, the one that irritates me the most is, “You know, not what you know.” The phrase may be used to remind people with disabilities of simple cold emails, but it often comes as a new brand to remind people that solo networks dominate the world.

That is why I hope this is the year when the latter channel social media platform will be launched. Ideally, a back-end can help a person who does not have a Stanford certification stamp get a voucher and then bet. The process also helps to keep hunters from investing in deals. The impact of the process is obvious, but incentives for all parties to participate are slightly wrong. Some investors still mock the idea that their portfolio companies will be asked to review what it looks like to work with them. Similarly, the founders are surprised when there is honest feedback, not the Culculamp surveys. how is? In a world where diligence is initially inversely proportional, back-to-back channels are simultaneously moving from a deep discussion of strengths and weaknesses to a thumbs up.

In addition, some of the most powerful people in technology have their eggs in many baskets – which means that those who want to talk or criticize them may be restricted by saying this financially (or emotionally). .

My voice? Finally, we have found a reliable platform for back-to-back channel accessibility and fairness. Anonymous, private subtitles for founders already exist in various forms, but I would like to see an app that expands access so that anyone can verify the added value.

For more on my perspective, check out this TechCrunch + column from my Equity collaborators Alex Wilhelm and Mary Ann Azevedo. 3 Views on how real diligence will change in 2022. We also copied podcasts if you choose a newspaper for your ears.

For the rest of this article, I think I’m reading my posts about Wordle, Future Earnings as a Business Model and Why Y Combinator. As always, you can follow my thoughts on Twitter @nmasc_.

A word on Wordle

The creator behind the app talked to TechCrunch about the low growth of Word, not in any app store, but in everyone’s mind. Users guessing the five-letter word in six experiments has grown from 2,000 players to 2 million players in a matter of weeks.

Here is what you need to know: As Owen Williams points out, Wardell’s longing is not for everyone. The game is in progress. You will be penalized by app stores for choosing an open web. Here’s how he put it to TechCrunch in the last column:

Wordle is facing a threat that we have not seen so far. This type of behavior is not only allowed in the Apple Store, but there is little option – because there is no Word for Apple, no native application developed.

There is no way for a fully functional and efficient web application developer like WordPress to ask for their name in the App Store and there is no way for them to list their website in the right place and protect themselves from duplicates. Allows Google developers to upload certain types of progressive web applications to the Play Store, but Wardle does not seem to have chosen to do so when writing. When the clone arrives, he will have at least the option of defending the game at the Play Store.

Consumer Love, Flexible Flu-

Word game;  Grid of pictures with green and yellow squares

Image Thanks Bryce Derby / Tech Crunch

And start of the week…

Arch! SaaS-friendly Fintech has been robbed of $ 150 million this week. Funding and $ 11 million seed fund with Stripe Partnership. As our own Mary Ann reports, Arc is building what it describes as a “community of premium software companies” that will provide SaaS beginners with a way to borrow, save and withdraw them all on one technology platform.

Here is what you need to know: As we talked about fairness this week, Arc is one of those beginnings – similar to Brakes – could not exist 20, even 10, years ago. The company is fully betting on its future revenue for other startups, which is a testament to the maturity of a once-failed SaaS scenario.

Precious verses

Plastic Tube Bar Graph High Price on a purple background directly above view.

Y Combinator Is reading my articles?

Last week, I wrote an article on how urgently needed to renew what they consider to be ‘value-added services’. Then, days later, Y Combinator announced It is increasing its check size and ownership share; In his immediate companies. My argument then, and now, is that competitors have to offer more than ever before to stay competitive. And YC’s new check shows that they want to be more aggressive in the same swing.

Here is what you need to know: Despite some expected change, there was controversy among seed-level investors – the move saw it as more competitive than the broader ecosystem. We have discussed both sides with Equity and Why can it be difficult for the founders of the world to accept the new agreement?

New, new

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Around TechCrunch

If you are like me, he talks about future finances at least twice a day. Even for those of us who are very small, it is difficult to follow a decentralized system of control, finances and culture – which makes our upcoming event even more exciting. On March 30, 2022, TechCrunch is hosting the future of Defait and Programming Funds alongside Sommelyer Financial. It goes into everything from the beginning to the end of the month. So sign up for this virtual event soon.

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