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Czech Technology Company Bolt It continues to work fast to attract new capital. Sources close to the company said on Friday that the company announced $ 355 million worth of Serie E financing to bolt $ 11 billion.

Bolt’s one-click test product aims to provide Amazon with the technology it has been known for since 1997, and at the same time make payments and fraudulent services possible. Additionally, consumers can create one account at a time and use those credentials across hundreds of Bolt Network brands.

This new increase comes three months after Bolt took a big hit. $ 393 million in continuous D funding. Bolt’s total financial support, including Series E, is close to $ 1 billion. Ryan Breslow, founder and CEO of the company, told Tech Crunch:

Breslow said Bolt’s total funding has grown to $ 1 billion, adding that the company will work with competitors valued at hundreds of billions of dollars. Sources: Stripe, Shopify and

“It may seem like a lot of money raised, but it’s not really, this is capital to make us competitive,” he added. “We want to be better than just competitors. The capital allows us to bring the best talent, make strategic discoveries and expand it to Europe, which is important for us.

After the launch of the company in November Confirmation of both Benefit Cosmetics and PrestaShop agreementsAnd Bolt for the first time in history (Swedish-based technology company Tipser allows direct scanning of any digital page).

“We’ve seen how important the Tipser can be for Bolt,” Bralow said at the time. “They have been using their embedded business technology for ten years and they are the only scary players. They are stronger than we are in our weaknesses. It is very strategic to include them in our team.

Two months later, Bolt’s Czech and consumer experience continues to merge with the Tipper business, and together they are registering some big customers.

Meanwhile, Blackrock-managed funds and accounts have led Serial E Investments, with new investors joining Shunfield, Investment Opportunities, Credit and HIG growth with existing investors Active Capital and Moore Strategic Ventures.

Ben Tsai, partner of Invus Opportunities, said in an email that the e-commerce landscape “offers a great opportunity to improve the online checkout experience, and retailers are realizing that they will lose customers as a result.”

“Bolt has a growing network of millions of consumers who use one-click search convenience in the Bolt retail network,” he added. “We are happy to support Ryan and Bolt’s team and to see a great opportunity in a place where Bolt stumbles.”

Last year, Bolt increased its gross domestic product by 80%, increasing its stock by 180% by 2020, and by 200% year-over-year. The company says 100 million consumers are ready to join the Bolt network in the next 18 months.

Finally, after launching a game book called Conscious Culture to help people create their first work culture, last May, the group now counts about 80 companies and hundreds of customers.

Bolt currently has more than 550 employees working in more than 200 cities. In addition to capacity, purchases, and global expansion, the new funding will accelerate the launch of new products this year.

There are key investments in the pipeline, such as social entrepreneurship, Native Entrepreneurship can go on any channel. Breslow expects the move to bolster Bolt’s testing capabilities. Funding will be extended to consumer goods to help consumers shop online on Bolt Network.

In the future, Breslow Bolt has unleashed the “Amazon Gold Level” shopping experience unleashed with the launch of new products.

Asked if he was close to becoming a public company, Breslow said he was not on the horizon or on the ultimate goal.

He added: “We have one goal.

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