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CourageE-Commerce Analysis and Data Company has received $ 15 million in support from Serial A by developing a platform to help consumer brands make better informed decisions.

VMG Catalyst led the overdue round and joined the existing investors Cove Fund, Exeter Capital, 1855 Capital, Mooring Ventures, Okapi Venture Capital and Serra Ventures. This will provide a total of $ 20.7 million to the company to date, Dan Leblank, CEO of Tech Crunch, told E-mail.

The technology enables companies to enhance and enhance their customer experience from historical perspectives by engaging and analyzing all of their data from sites such as ShopFife, Amazon, Facebook and Clavio.

“More consumer brands have never been seen and competition between them is at an all-time high,” LeBlank said. “Brands win by getting the right information, which leads to faster and more confident decisions. Data needs are never high and we are investing in information infrastructure to get the information that brands need.”

He is working with more than 1,600 brands, including Dastry Manscapped, Poore and Caraway Home, and increased its recurring annual revenue by 300% last year and increased its head count by 100%.

The new funding will enable further staff growth. LeBlanc expects to grow by another 160% by the end of 2022. The company is investing in better access to information, resources and educational resources to better understand the results. It also works on more personal customer data.

Next, the company will move to modernize brands’ information infrastructure by allowing them to configure their data infrastructure components – LeBlanck said, adding that they can easily select food from the menu. Adding 35 combinations such as data sources, storage options, conversion capabilities and viewing tools.

VMG Catalyst partner Brooke Kiley said in a statement: “We are delighted to continue our partnership with Dan and Dassiti. E-commerce is essential to the success of the e-commerce environment, making it accessible to all brands, enabling them to gain practical insights and enrich their marketing sites with the necessary customer data.

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