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While investors continue to invest in crypto-currencies, there seems to be a pullback.

And this’s as real money as it gets – like precious coins.

In many accounts, the coin (or numerical) market has seen tremendous sales and commodity prices since the outbreak began. In fact. In 2021, the 1933 Double Eagle Gold was sold for $ 18.9 million by the United States as “Saints of Coins”.

Sotebis Special Coin Adviser David Tripp told MarketWatch that Double Eagle sales appear to be encouraging for the industry.

“Since then, the prices for high-risk brands … are at an all-time high,” he said.

Private traders also say that the business is booming. Brian Kendrela, president of the Stake Bowers Gallery, one of the largest retailers in the United States, says sales will increase by 100 percent by 2021. US $ 4 million for the 1913 independence head of state – one plus, Another highly prized coin.

According to Kendrella, the demand for coins is coming from everywhere, whether new collectors are “sleeping and re-entering the market”.

“Coins Saints” In 1933, the Double Eagle Gold American coin sold for a record $ 18.9 million at a Soteby auction.

Courtesy of Sotheby’s and SquareMoose

Mark Salzburg, chairman of the Numismatic Guaranty Company (NCC), said it was “unexpected” that cryptocurrencies were joining the Coin Bandragon.

Salzburg told MarketWatch: “I don’t think you can trust stocks.

In general, the prices of key coins, as monitored Popular Industrial Index Created by Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS), it has grown 16 percent since a year ago. Perhaps more interestingly, the index has increased by 6,315% since its inception in 1970.

To some extent, the growth of the coin speaks volumes about the growth of the collection as a whole since the onset of the epidemic – and a trend that includes everything from baseball cards and comic books. Barbie and Cabbage Patch Dolls.

Experts say that people who are interested in all of these categories have had more time to mobilize during the epidemic – and in many cases had more disposable income. At the same time, investors are looking at tangible assets, such as late securities and bonds, as an alternative – they are seen as more “real” in the often difficult and unpredictable financial world. As a precaution against inflation.

Why all the coins? Coins in the field have many benefits.

US Mint Poetry has started sending locations to the screen (bottom right). It is the first of five American quarters to honor American women. Others portray Wilma Manceller, Nina Otero-Warren, Anna May Wong and Sally Ride.

MarketWatch Photo Example / US Mint

Kevin Foley, executive director of the NY International Numismatic Convention, said the current annual event in the city is “long overdue.” In fact, the Convention, which focuses on foreign currencies, is celebrating its 50th anniversary, a testament to the continued attractiveness of the field.

Another key advantage is that coins are often made of gold and silver – they are actually tied to precious metals, the real and valuable assets that many people hold dear. Or put it another way: The paper that goes into the most expensive comic books is worthless, but the gold or silver in the coins is always worth the mix.

Kendrella is also a relatively noise-free property for storing coins, especially when compared to cars or fine wines. “You can put them in a shoebox,” he said.

But what kind of coins should you collect, especially if you are thinking about an investment strategy? Experts note that there is a large market for talented collectors in one of several categories. American coins remain popular, but there are also those who want foreign coins – folly Chinese coins became popular later – and also ancient coins. New issues, such as Gold And appeal to US Mint.

“If you buy world coins, you will understand how civilization has developed.”

– Coin expert John Feigenbaum

Experts say that most of the categories are currently experiencing inflation. But some warn that, like the stock market, growth is unlikely to continue indefinitely. Luis Golino, a veteran market observer, noted that the value of the coin rose sharply in the 1980’s. “Things did not end well,” he wrote History for CoinWeek, Industrial Publishing. Golinou once cited examples of hot coins that are now “partially sold”.

Some suggest that it may be worthwhile to collect more coins than any other profit.

John Feigenbaum, publisher of the Coin Dealer Newsletter, a well-known industry pricing guide, said his hobbies can teach us about history and culture, especially many celebrities – from presidents to poets – told MarketWatch.

“If you buy world coins, you will understand how civilization has developed,” he said.

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