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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were a little relaxed after investors received consumer-inflation data on Wednesday.

The world’s largest crypto currency traded at more than $ 44,000 on digital currencies, down from early Thursday – less than $ 41,000 earlier in the week.

The rise in Bitcoin prices is obviously a good thing for crypto bulls, hoping that the recent low will mark the bottom. They may be right, but augmentation poses difficult questions for crypto and large markets. This is because stocks and other assets have been merged with Bit Coin – which has become more common recently. The 7% year-on-year increase in consumer prices, although 40-year high, is consistent with expectations and has served to improve food demand.

Not just once — the International Monetary Fund has warned of a pandemic until Tuesday. The IMF said there had been little correlation between cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ether and the major U.S. indexes, but that by 2020 things had changed between “simple global financial conditions and high investor demand.”

The ever-expanding relationship is slowly eroding the perception that Bitcoin can increase risk and prevent wildfires in other sectors. It is also moving in the opposite direction to 10-year treasury production, eliminating the barrier of inflation.

What if Bitcoin does not work as a fence? It is now moving just like any other technology company. He is facing a crisis of existence.

– Callum Keown

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Demand for cars and furniture has skyrocketed since 1982.

Consumer-price index rose 7% in late December, up 6.8% year-to-November. The fastest growing since 1982.

  • Excluding volatile food and energy prices, the main index fell by 5.5% in late December, according to the Department of Labor. This is an increase of 4.9% in November The biggest jump since 1991.

  • Interest b Cars and furniture It is elevated. Due to the global semiconductor chip shortage, automobile production increased by 37.3 percent in December compared to the previous year. The price of new vehicles increased by 11.8% in December, the biggest jump since 1975.

  • Living, kitchen, and dining room furniture prices increased by 17.3 percent. House builder

    KB Home
    He reported better than expected quarterly earnings and said he expected more. Home revenue up to $ 7.6 billion A.D. By 2022, and up to 26.2% of gross domestic product.

  • Food prices have increased by 0.5 percent since December. As a result, consumers pay more for restaurant food. High food prices and wage increasesBut groceries are very expensive. Chefs

    General Mills,

    Campbell soup, And

    “Everyone is raising prices this year,” he said.

What happened next? Lael Brenard, who is testifying to the Senate today as part of a confirmation hearing to become Vice President of the Federal Reserve, told lawmakers that “inflation is very high” and that the central bank’s goal is to “bring inflation back to 2 percent.”

Janet H.C.


The White House is sending additional tests to K-12 schools

The Biden-Harris administration is expanding the CV-19 test in K-12 schools. 10 million attempts per month– Includes five million free rapid exams and five million laboratory-based PCR exams – is part of an effort to keep schools open and physically accessible.

  • Of Tests cost more than $ 10 billion. The administration sent exams last year specifically for K-12 school exams. In addition, the government will send 500 million free in-house tests by post after January.

  • Randy Weingarton, president of the 1.7 million American Teachers’ Federation, called for more tests. “One big step” Helping schools. She says tests, immunizations, masks and ventilation keep the school environment safe.

  • Omicron is a variant of the coronavirus. 98.3% of US casesAccording to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Daily average new issues 47%, increased to 751,000. Hospital treatment increased by 33%, and daily mortality by 40%.

  • A caesarean section in Southern California found that 90% of patients with ocular micronutrients. Released in three days, With an average hospital stay of one and a half days and five days with Delta variance, said CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Wallace.

What happened next? Federal Health and Emergency Management Agencies are working with states to provide surgical testing sites to provide free screening to the most vulnerable and most vulnerable communities.

Janet H.C.


IMF warns of Contagion risk as cryptocurrencies follow stocks

Crypto currencies are starting to work. Like other dangerous assets Like stocks, the 10-year treasury is moving in the opposite direction, and some market regulators are warning of a “transfer” in the financial markets.

  • The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says crypto currencies have become more closely linked to stocks. It limits their benefits to diversity. They do not appear to be a threat to the market.

  • From 2017 to 2019, Bitcoin connection from

    S&P 500

    It was 0.01. After the Federal Reserve It flooded the economy with money. By 2020, the relationship will rise to 0.36, according to the IMF.

  • Crypto is impacting stock markets, IMF adds It can explain the variability of Bitcoin. One-sixth of the variability of the S&P 500sAnd the risk of infection is one of the reasons why the IMF wants a global regulatory framework for crypto.

  • Coinbase, Cryptocurrency exchange He said he would buy it. As Fairx moves to expand its cryptocurrency portfolio and fills in the gaps in product lineup, the adjusted futures will change. Last year, data analytics company Skew bought it.

What happened next? Coinbase has applied to the National Future Association to register as A. Future Commission Trader September 2021. Fairx is controlled by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and works with brokers such as E * Commercial Financial.

Liz Moyer


Walgreens weighs as much as possible the sales of UK boots

American Pharmacy Chain

Walgreens Boots Alliance
He said a strategic review of the Boots business could open the door to more than 2,200 UK pharmacies, health and beauty stores. Potential buyers include Bain and CVC Capital Partners.

  • Walgreens, the second largest pharmacy chain

    It aims to make itself as A. Health Care Provider. Chief Executive Rosalind Brewer said at an industry conference that the process is at a browser level but “we expect it to go faster.”

  • Walgreens invested $ 970 million in Shields Health Solutions in September, providing specialized pharmaceutical services for hospitals and health systems. In October, he He bought the majority share At VillageMD, $ 5.2 billion, and, in a separate contract, acquired a 55% stake in CareCentrix, which manages post-emergency and home care.

  • Walgreens reported earnings in the first quarter, which beat analysts’ estimates, and raised its fiscal year-to-day guidelines to lower single digits. U.S. store sales grew 10.6 percent.Maximum over 20 years.

  • CVS Health has increased its full year income guidelines. Improved by vaccination and diagnosis, Both in-store and counter.

What happened next? As part of its efforts to grow consumer healthcare, Walgreens has introduced 47 Walgreens Health Corners in California and plans to build more than 100 locations by the end of 2022.

Lena Saigol and Janet H.C.


Increasing demand contributes to TSMC Post Record quarterly profit margin

Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing On Thursday, it reported a net profit of 16.4% in the last quarter of 2021, jumping 21.2% compared to the same quarter in 2020.

  • Revenue The world’s largest contract chip maker, and major supplier

    it was Increased in strong desire For the company’s chips, the background of the use of smartphones, home computers and other gadgets during the outbreak.

  • Demand for the company’s products is also high. It has been transformed by technological innovationSuch as 5G networks, electric vehicles and artificial intelligence.

  • The fourth-quarter earnings rose $ 24.1 percent to $ 75.74 billion, the company said. Did a 37.9% work margin In the fourth quarter.

What happened next? In a strong context for the chip industry around the world, TSMC said it plans to invest between $ 40 billion and $ 42 billion this year. The company, which unveiled a $ 100 billion investment plan last year, predicts strong industry growth for several years.

Pierre Briancon


2021 was a big year for cryptocurrency investors. How can crypto profits prepare for the upcoming tax season?

Crypto currencies, also known as virtual currencies, have gone to great lengths. That is for sure. For example, you can use Bitcoin to buy Tesla and buy or pay for many other things. However, the use of cryptocurrencies has implications for federal income taxes. Here is what you need to know about the 2021 tax return period if you did cryptocurrency last year.

Understand this The IRS wants to know about your crypto transactions.

The 2021 Iris Form 1040 requires that you receive, sell, exchange or otherwise eliminate any financial interest in any virtual currency at any time of the year. If you do, you should check the “Yes” box. The fact that this question is provided below the line on Form 1040 on page 1 to provide basic information such as your name and address indicates that it is difficult to comply with applicable tax laws. Accurate warning.

Read more over here.

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– Newspaper edited by Leis Moyer, Camilla Imperial, Rupert Steiner.

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