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Bentley Motors stopped Beyond the old world and the modern age. For more than a hundred years, automotive has been at the forefront of automotive luxury and performance, and despite years of constant change, the construction of classic and tactical coaches has always been a part of the system.

This view of romantic automotive production seems to be at odds with the current state of technology and the needs of modern luxury consumers.

Bentley, if he mastered anything, is rolling with time, sticking to his usual accomplishments. A great example of this is the 2022 Bentley Continental GT Speed, a powerful two-door superhero. This is different from any other car on the road today.

Nuts and bolts

Bentley-Continental gt speed

Image Thanks Alex Kalogiani

Bentley Continental JT Two-door brother or sister for four-door Bentley Continental Flying Sedan. Although they share many components, the GT is much larger than half the version of the truck, and distinguishes itself among other things in design and performance.

The GT Center’s 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 engine, a huge unit of power, was exceptionally good at the time of this declining (or indeed disappearing) motors. This signature system generates 650 horsepower for speed, a disruption from the standard Conti GT W12 24 hp. It produces an impressive 664 pound-feet of torque and is delivered in a two-clutch eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Power is supplied through all four wheels.

Mike Sayer, Bentley Motors Limited, Head of Product Communications, told Tech Crunch: We use. In sport mode, a single unit is used in each spring, which provides maximum spring strength. In comfort, the solenoid valves bring all three components into play, providing a low pressure, smooth spring. To that end, we add Bentley Dynamic Ride – our 48V electric anti-roll controller.

This speed repetition brings new technology to GT for the first time, especially for the electronic rear wheel and rear wheel steering.

For E-Diff, this distributes the energy at the rear angle to maintain balance and control when turning sports. The rear wheel steering was initially applied to the flying squirrel to provide the full range of luxury four-door luxury steering wheel and speed stability. At GT Speed, the two-door is designed to provide sharp turns and is more active than the sedan in this car.

The GT, which weighs more than 5,000 pounds, can travel up to 208 miles by speeding up the line at 60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds.

Bentley sprays in tech.

Bentley-Continental gt speed

Image Thanks Alex Kalogiani

It is a carefully crafted interior that was signed by Bentley Vehicles at Continental GT Speed.

Most of the car assembly is by hand, and although there are some automated tasks, there are very few elements that are not noticed by a skilled craftsman. The interior is rich in natural wood, from red urn to rare, natural cut red wood and real wood.

The seat elements and steering are all hand-assembled, and the high metal switches are recorded by diamond-pattern knurling.

“It took 18 months to develop the thorns used on the major rotary controllers and involves developing an algorithm that accurately describes how the spinning features are complied with,” Seyer emphasized the focus for each detail. This elegant, carefully crafted interior is a perfect setting for the latest technology, but it is all well integrated.

Bentley Continental gt speed

Image Thanks Alex Kalogiani

The 12.3-inch touchscreen can be found in the center of the dashboard, as a modern luxury car buyer expects and performs normal functions. It is a source of exploration and entertainment, as well as a multi-vehicle interface. Drivers can customize the throttle and steering settings of their choice, extend the suspension for a few inches more and get full driver guidance if necessary.

This is paired with a multi-digit measurement cluster that can be customized to reflect most of the same information displayed on the touch screen. There is even a heat-based night vision option that enhances the front of the car for improved night driving. This system has integrated pedestrian recognition, so people who encounter it at night are highlighted in a red box.

High-definition screens display stylish graphics to minimize integration with all real-world crafts.

“Graphic design of those parameters has been given attention as a detail,” Seyer said. “Beyond that, our behavior involves holding physical, haptic keys and rotating controls instead of multiple touches.”

If there is still too much technology to tolerate, the screen will fall into the panel and be replaced by three analog parameters. Clock, compass and temperature control. In-car gadget theater touch? Probably, but another way of looking at it is to check the interior of the vehicle in the future. In a nutshell, the rest of the cabinets are much older than the display, and having a mechanism to make it out of sight is ideal for this great luxury travel nature.


Bentley Continental gt speed

Image Thanks Alex Kalogiani

Sitting on a GT speed wheel may initially be a bit impressive due to its shiny chromium and reflective coating, but it is quick to show how much the driver pays attention from the moment it is fired.

Assistance is available to improve situational awareness, such as face-up and traffic detection, and on long journeys, it maintains lane assistance and relieves some of the burdens of ship control. Convenient, though.

The memory of the W12 engine on the back of the chimney is blurred and emotional. Getting out of the throttle feels like speeding in a single-engine jet shared by the GT Speed ​​race. This similarity remains the case because everything above is ancient. The power supply is soft but powerful, and there are many ways to go before attempting to fall, although it requires an unlimited amount of highway to get there.

In this regard, the GT Speed ​​Mirror reflects the flying squirrel, which is as heavy as a steam locomotive and on the ground, and when it is time to take a sharp corner, this leads to great hesitation. Gather some faith and courage, though, and the speed of GT is incredibly variable.

The car was in good condition during those windy backstrokes. Its size and weight are still recognizable, but the active technology in the game allows Bentley to turn its edges confidently. Things get trickier and tighter, but not all physics engineers can hide the height of the car. It is during those times that they make a mental note to return with less and more sprays.

Whether sported or comfortable, the GT’s dual clutch transmission is flawless in gears, providing much-needed power to drivers and more stability on board. On the highway or as a daily driver, GT Speed ​​does not mislead one leg, making it worth more than $ 274,000. At least one person is hopeful.


From a competitor’s point of view, the GT Speed ​​is largely based on the fact that it performs the same mission in a unique way, not because of a shortage of luxury copies. BMW and Mercedes Benz Bentley can’t match the level of decency and diversity offered, so any variability will still be less. In terms of handling and power, the AMG S63 Coupe comes near and at a relatively low starting price ($ 173,100), but even at the same weight segment, Continental GT speeds easily work better.

It is a close match for a real competitor, not far from his cousin, Rolls-Royce Wright. In addition to its overlapping luxury lineage and differences, Wright owns its own 624-horsepower 6.6-liter V12 sport. This double-door Grand Visitor is worth an impressive $ 300,000 and can come up with similar techniques to accelerate and speed up GT Speed.

As always, Bentley is not sure how he intends to continue this old and new union. The past is, as the case may be, a plan for the future.

“First of all, the production area will be mixed – we have already launched hybrid versions of the Bentigaga and Flight Square, followed by the Continental family. Next, we will launch the first Bentley Beaver in 2025. By 2030, Bentley will be the only electric brand, ”said Seir.

For now, we still have Bentley Continental GT Speed, an anesthetic luxury. Bentley’s dog bite is the end of the blueprint for the best of the best.

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